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he struck him out! >> a huge celebration in oakland tonight. the a's are going to the postseason for the first since 2006. good evening. i'm carolyn johnson. >> dan: what a thrilling moment for a's and their fans. larry beil is here with the stor >> wow wh a nig and wt a seaso r theakla a's. who sa th coming. needing a win, they were facing first place texas at the
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coliseum. high drama in the ninth. they were clinging to a one run lead. he strikes out young and mike napoli to end it. they clinch a wildcard berth. though could still win the division so more champagne may be coming. let's go to mike shumann at the coliseum. >> this is champagne spraying attire. for those who have never been in a clubhouse when they are celebrating after winning. a's are going to the playoffs first time in siblings years, check it out
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>> how great does it feel? >> ion't have words to explain in this. i've done some postseason celebrations to be at home but this is pretty amazing. i try to look around and reflect where i've been and world series games or concerts, i can't even explain it right now. >> how does it feel, a's are back in the playoffs? >> whoa! it's amazing. it's amazing. we're in the playoffs baby! >> can you tell they are excited. we're going to hear from all the players later in sports. and owner lou walsh, so reporting live from the coliseum. >> i love the attire, shu. that is quite the look. more highlights and postgame
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reaction coming later. >> carolyn: very cool stuff. >> and investigators are looking for looking for a molatov cocktail spree last night, lilian kim is on the story. >> reporter: this is the worst of the damage, doors at the st. rose cath catholic in santa rosa charred by flames. it could have been worse. the church staff he doubts the fire got water as soon as he could. >> nobody was hurt. it's the doors of the church have been damaged. sure, that is disappointment. we get over that. >> reporter: investigators say whoever threw it targeted another church minutes before. another molotov cocktail did ignite at the offices of a civil
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engineering firm in the third and final target. they targeted the brick building and irrigation pipe before a janitor saw the flames and put it out. >> it's not somebody who is thinking clearly or making reasonable decisions. >> reporter: investigators have collected most of the pieces of bottle and looking them over for fingerprints. they think the person responsible will strike again. >> we don't want to encourage more and we don't want to motivate this person for a follow-up attempt. >> investigators don't have a suspect description but two of fires a man and bicycle was seen riding away. >> carolyn: new development in the search for two missing fishermen. relatives of one of men discovered the body along the san mateo county coast.
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both men vanished yesterday after their boat capsized. two cam pan yons swam to shore wearing life jackets. the coroner has not identified the man found tonight. >> dan: town of albany never know the truth behind the arrest 56 popular middle school teacher. he was found dead accused of having an inappropriate relationship with a minor. everybody is dealing there with a second shock in this case. >> that is right. people have been lighting candles that was the boy's basketballoach ad sevth grad gi's volyballoach. they were dealing with the shock last week and now this. >> it wasn't long before everybody heard about it. >> i found out at about 6:00. my wife told me. she heard it from somebody in
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the neighborhood. >> he was found dead in his car this morning. police say it's being investigated as an apparent suicide. last wednesday, he was arrested at his home in albany. he is accused of having an inappropriate relationship with a former student under the age of 14. at the school they knew the teacher as mr. i. >> he was like my big brother. he was a big influence in my life. >> they have not charged him because they were still investigating. we asked why he was arrested before the completion of the investigation but the calls to the albany police department and alameda county d.a. went unanswered. the comnitys tornor the yog girl'safety d th reect ey h for mr. "i". >> the whole community is
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holding so make sure our children are safe and how do we honor his life also. >> reporter: he graduated here from albany middle school and high school. he is scheduled to -- he was scheduled to appear in court on october 24th. >> carolyn: fast moving four acre grass fire badly damaged a home in sonoma county. it erupted just after 4:00 this afternoon and forced fire to close highway 116. witnesses say it started when an old truck backfired. investigators are now interviewing the owner. >> it is finally cooling off a bit after a sizzling hot day around the bay. at least one record was set today. sandhya? >> it is 97 degrees in ktfield check out the temperatures.
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no fog to seek speak of. temperatures are still warming very warm. 70s and 80s in many locations. check out the highs for today. it was a record-breaking 97 in kentfield. previous record was 96 degrees set back in 1913. 101 livermore. san fransco, hottest y of thyear, 90 gree 98 in redwood still. 94 in san jose and santa cruz, 100 degrees. your question is probably, is this heat going to back off anytime soon? i'll be back with the answer soon. >> terrifying moments for passengers on board an amtrak train headed from oakland to bakersfield. a big rig slammed into a train injuring at least 20 passengers. it a happened in the kings county after the train made a scheduled stop. >> it was shaking and you knew
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something was wrong. >> that man and 170 others on board felt the impact when a tractor-trailer loaded with cotton debris slammed into train this afternoon. the train kept rolling along the track and then two passenger coaches and locomotive derailed. >> we hit something and the girl across from me flew across the seated into my lap. >> rescuers found pieces of truck inside the train cars, luggage and other items from the train littered the farmland alongside the tracks. >> i seen people with broken arms and broken legs. scratches on their backs. elaborates looking like dirt balls, dirt in their ears. >> some witnesses say the automated gates at the crossing were down when the train passed. >> initially from witnesses, they say the arms weren't down but as you know we will do an
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extensive investigation to determine that >> the truck driver ended up in the hospital with a head injury. amtrak charted buses to carry passengers to wish to continue their journey. coincidentally, 17 miles from the amtrak crash, another truck slammed into a freight train. this happened on a different set of tcks. the truck driver was t only one injured. >> carolyn: next the scare in the air, bizarre series on board american airline planes as th deal with a labor dispute. >> now you see it. now you don't. why ikea decided to reerase women out of one catalog. >>and new compint abou ipne. >> coming up nextn "nitline" the view from inside a crash landing. why one amazing jet crashing experiment could help you
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>> carolyn: for the second time in three days, seats pulled loose on an airlines jet. they had to turn back after a row of seats came loose. same thing happened on saturday. passengers describe what happened. >> the seats flipped backwards, so people were essentially on the laps of the passengers behind them with their legs up in the air. >> no one was injured but federal aviation is investigating. it comes as pilots are in the midst of tense contracts with american. >> search continues tonight in hong kong for victims of a boat collision. 36 people are dead, dozens more injured. a boat taking company employees to watch a china fireworks
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display collided with a ferry. survivors say they had little time to put on life jackets before the boat flooded trapping passengers. at least 36 people is dead. >> there is no comment from apple on newly reported problems with the simm cards. they say the phone stops working and displays no simm card when there is one. it seems to affect, at&t, verizon and sprint. >> makes is ramping up for chrimas and it appears they are pecting morespending. naonwi they e planning to hi about 80,00 worke. thats 2.5% increase. they will staff macy's and bloomingdale stores and kohl centers and walmart and tiors are us are planning to hire more people. >> a aapologized after air
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brusng women in saudi arabia. it features a woman in addition to boy. women appear infrequently across saudi arabia. strict laws require women to cover most of their bodies in public. >> carolyn: we want to share very cool images. our photographer capres she is going shots of dolphins ridg the waves north of half moon bay. you can see they seem to be enjoying the surf today. it was especially warm out there. we can see why. >> dan: warm weather and still steamy in many parts of the bay area. >> we're in for a mild to warm night. a as we head into tomorrow, i want to show you a photo. this was sent to us by a viewer. bay farm island in alameda. you can see the sun was glowing there was absolutely gorgeous.
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hot day today and we are headed for another hot one as we head into tomorrow. get ready for that as we check out right now, live doppler 7 hd. you'll see what is happening. there is a few clouds out there. not anything in the form of fog, but higher clouds, well off the coastline. we're not expecting any fog anytime soon. clear and mild tonight. warm to hot tomorrow and much cooler weather is headed our way for the rest of the week. you'll see the changes that are coming. let's ke a look, tomorw's gh temperature, 95 on tuesday for santa rosa. dropping to 80 and then by thursday, down to 78 degrees. san francisco, is going from 85 tomorrow, 20-degree drop as we head into your wednesday. 65 degrees and 62 on nurse. check out san jose, from 95 to 80. we are going to see a quick drop-off beginning on wednesday and continuing through thursday. this is the area of low pressure
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that will bring us the cooler weather but not tomorrow. this hot air mass stays with us so it will bring another hot day and warm conditions at the coastline. tomorrow morning, clear skies and mild conditions. you can leave that jacket behind. sun will be out early. we'll see anotherhot one inland d 100 dege readings coastal areas will see temperatures in the 70s. watch what is happening on wednesday. that fog starts to push northward. sea breeze kicks in and as the fog surges northward on wednesday afternoon, sharp drop-off of temperatures. tomorrow morning, it will be a mild start. most of the bay area in the mid 50s to mid-60s under clear skies. then tomorrow afternoon, still going to be on the hot side in the south bay, 96 degrees in campbell, 95 in san jose. 94 in milpitas.
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coastal areas, pacifica, 72 degrees. so warm but not unseasonably hot. 85 degrees in san francisco. 77 in daly city. north bay, mid 90s for sonoma, santa rosa. 93 in san rafael. you'll feel the heat again. lack of a see breeze and fog will get you cooking in the east bay. 94 for castro valley. heading inland, livermore 101. 90 in santa cruz. 99 in morgan hill. seven-day forecast, hot tomorrow cooler wednesday and continue to drop the temperatures drastically down to the upper 70s to low 80s by the weekend. mike nicco will be here between 4:30 and 7:00 a.m. what would you do with $49,000? a lot. win big with abc7 and find out. all of our facebook friends are eligible. enter a sweepstakes to win
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$49,000. go to and it wil take you tohe pe where yo can fl out the entry form welnunce te winner october 18th right after the game. coming up next, san francisco lights up
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>> dan: hollywood and movie fans are buzzing aut t person chosen to hosted next year's academy awards. seth mcfarland will take center stage, known for his crude humor. he made miss debut with a box office hit. abc will carry the oscars live. >> two is a san francisco land rks appear toha penna fer. it ter is lit upn oran co tow and city hall are in
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honor of the giants. they open play this weekend. two years ago many san francisco buildings were lit up in orange when giants won their first world series by the bay. >> an exciting night on the other side of the bay. >> there is green and gold going on in oakland. green and gold party tonight in oakland. a's lock up a playoff spot. liveiñ
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good evening, oakland a's, the little team that could. they locked up a wildcard beating texas, but naturally high drama in the ninth, the drummers were out. not close to a sellout. a's jumped out to an early lead. josh reddick scoring co cri. michaeyoun deep offof jed park and it's a-2 ge. in t fifth, chris sends it up. adam rosales would double. fast forward to the ninth, battle with a sleifb off the side, mike napoli ends it. first playoff berth since 2006.
12:29 am
a man in a poncho. >> we never get tired. give me some playoff music. nothing like the clubhouse after this win. >> how does it feel the first baby? >> as i said earlier, i wish everybody could be here because we have done it at a team. i can't even put together words right now. >> how does it feel? >> words can't explain it. to come as far as we have. it's a good feeling to a lot of people! >> how

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